Unbundled Legal Services and Document Preparation

Often clients have resolved some of their issues but are unable to resolve others, or clients have resolved all issues but require assistance finalizing the legal paperwork. We can help by offering unbundled services such as preparation of divorce complaints or agreements, parenting coaching to help parties prepare parenting plans and custody agreements, review of agreements and documents prepared by other attorneys or consultation to help clients do whatever is necessary to resolve the issues in their cases in a cost-effective manner.


Open Discussion and Good Planning is the Best Prevention

In an effort to encourage people to protect themselves from the financial and emotional harm often resulting in the legal process, we assist clients in both pre-marital financial and legal consulting as well as preparation of simple and complex agreements clearly defining spouses’ rights in the event of a future divorce or the untimely death of a spouse.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements do not encourage or predict a troubled marriage. Instead, they allow an engaged couple to discuss openly what would happen to their property, their income and their children while they love each other rather than trying to make these complicated decisions when their emotions are negative. We know the common financial and emotional cost of the latter and try to help our clients avoid this result.


Children undergo incredible changes in their lives when their parents separate. For this reason, we encourage parents to keep custody matters out of court and we can help develop comprehensive custody agreements for the benefit of the children. We can also connect clients with child therapists and advocates to work with the children to help them, and their parents, navigate this very difficult time in their lives if they are unable to do it alone. We work closely with these professionals to assure that the children’s needs are met and their interests protected. We regularly work with a network of trained professionals with whom we can refer our clients to.


In many cases, the parties are able to resolve their issues on their own, but require assistance finalizing the legal paperwork. We can help by preparing divorce complaints, marital settlement agreements and other documents necessary to finalize their divorce. We can also prepare custody complaints, parenting plans and custody agreements.

Sometimes, clients come to us following mediation, with a proposed Memorandum of Understanding. Other clients come to us after they have received a settlement offer, proposed settlement agreement, or petition from the attorney representing the other party. We can review letters, temporary agreements, memoranda of understanding, settlement agreements, court documents and decrees and provide advice that the client can use in future negotiations or court appearances to ensure that the client’s rights and interests are adequatelly protected.