Mediation Services


Boyer Paulisick & Eberle offers non-traditional options for divorcing couples that help them work amicably and cost-effectively to resolve conflicts that necessarily arise as a result of a separation or divorce. We encourage clients to avoid the court process not only because it is smart financially, but because it helps parties preserve their relationship for the benefit of their children.

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Mediation is a coopertaive and comprehensive alternative to divorce litigation. Both spouses meet with a neutral mediator with the goal of resolving all issues between them so that they can avoid the expensive and time consuming court process. When an agreement is reached, the mediator drafts a Memorandum of Understanding. The parties should consult with an attorney before beginning the mediation process so that they are advised of their rights and obligations and an attorney is necessary to file all legal documents with the court to finalize the case.

Both Attorney Boyer and Attorney Paulisick are trained and experienced mediators.